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This week we were asked to review some peers’ papers and this one specially caught my attention.

The reason it caught my attention is because people still deny global warming.

My peer made several grammatical mistakes that are highlighted in red.

In addition, I also suggested  some  modifications in the formulation of his thesis.

The article being analyzed and answered by my peer is, ” Why Bother” by Michael Pollan.

It can be found at this address : http://michaelpollan.com/articles-archive/why-bother/ 


My  Revision Notes

I find global warming an excellent subject to discuss. Maybe the author’s intention was exactly to be thought-provoking, inciting societal changes. Maybe that’s the reason you had so many questions when you finished reading it. It is common knowledge that global warming has affected us in different ways such as climate changing. There are several researches out there with data information that prove the existence of the effects of global warming. Honestly, I don’t believe that planting a garden would be the solution for global warming since the major damage caused to the planet is in industrial scale. Even when multinationals implement social responsibility programs, the pollution scale is exponentially disproportional if compared to the “environmental repair” scale. That said, I’d suggest you to focus on global warming and the ineffectiveness of social responsibility programs.
Just building a garden in your backyard is not going to make up for all the industrial pollution responsible for the carbon dioxide rates of 399 parts per million. You could also discuss about how multinationals take advantage of global warming to promote their trade mark via social responsibility programs.

I’d also suggest you to review grammar and punctuation.

I don’t quite understand your first and third thesis. The second one is pretty much already answered by other scholars.


My peer’s summary


Summary: Article: Michael Pollan, “Why Bother?”

                In this article by Michael Pollan, “Why Bother?” we are asked to look into the question of global warming. The author is trying to implant the urgency of what we can do to solve the problem. Is the problem going to be fixed by people making their own choices to help or is it going to be a government push to fix the problem. (?) The article is also covering the point of even if us “Americans” make the changes needed will other places around the world follow the lead and do the same or will our improvements be over powered by other countries’ lack of improvement. We our pointed out the things that he feels we can do to change, from using are air conditioners less, trying to drive less or trade in your gas guzzling Tahoe’s for more economical battery powered toaster hybrids. Although I feel there are plenty of choices to make, I feel the author picked maybe one of the smallest choices we can of planting your own garden. Planting a garden is great, I agree but, out of all the things we can do I don’t see that being a significant change. How much can planting a garden help? Michael Pollan brings up the “cheap-energy mind” and how everything translates to money, that it will take incentives to make people make the changes needed. We are pointed out threw out the article of “Why Bother” and if you do bother why going green is important. Change your carbon foot print in the world and make your change, stop spending your hard earned money on what other people provide for you and provide yourself with your own home grown garden.


                When first reading this article, I was grasped by the importance of it. Michael Pollan did a great job of bringing the reader into what he feels is a huge challenge for the world to overcome. We are lead on to believe that if we don’t do anything ourselves we could be pushed or forced too. He goes back as far dated as when Al Gore was president, and his urgency in the situation. But just how bad are we? I don’t feel that there were enough statistics stating where we stand today. Although I do agree we need to make changes I also feel after reading the article and speaking about it to others and getting their opinions I feel that the opinions of others steered me away from my original feeling that I should run out and plant my own garden and purchase a hybrid vehicle stop eating meat and never turn on my air conditioner. It took me 20 minutes to read an article that made me feel I should do my part but then it took 5 minutes in a conversation to make me rethink it, after asking others there believes some have made me question is global warming really effecting are daily lives or is it a government conspiracy? We are given the option of planting our own garden and what an impact it will make, but I do not feel there was enough information there about what a garden can do, because honestly what can 3 rows of fruit or vegetables in my back yard do (?) and there should have put more in the article to make me feel that it will be worth my while, even though he did go on to tell us that planting a garden can lead to other choices like having your own compost pile but does not go on to provide the reader with what out of our own waste can we use. I do not expect a guide to growing your own garden and making your own compost but feel it left me with too many questions. I was not convinced that by growing my own garden to help global warming, but I was impressed with the fact that if global warming is such a problem and the vast amount of oil and gas we all feel is there went away we would eventually all fall into providing ourselves with our own food.  I realize that his point was to grow your own garden but if he wants people to change the way they live their lives and change their carbon foot print he should have focused on some areas that might make a bigger impact. He could have also focused more on what kind of money we can save. He did focus on the incentives some might receive but I want more I want to know what I will gain. For most Americans who have fallen into debt what will this do for me? It is selfish to think about putting money over the condition of the world but in today’s world you almost have to. Even though I have started to change my initial opinion on global warming I have not changed my opinion that we still need to do something, and that’s where I feel the author failed to enforce that even if planting a garden is not what you want to do that there are plenty of options we can choose from. Elaborate on these other options convince me that I can make a change. I do feel this is a great article on global warming and the impact we humans have but feel it left me with too many questions and I will have a lot of research to do to make my own opinion on where I will spend my time helping the cause. I still feel that I am left with the title of the article “Why Bother”?

Thesis #1: How can I “bother” the climate change?

Thesis #2: Is global warming fact or fiction? Or is it a government conspiracy?

Thesis #3: My garden is providing healthy air for you to breath.